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In the Flash: June/July Roundup

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Can you believe that it’s August already?! I feel as though the Summer has flown by and that I’ve been unconsciously busy for most of it. Since it may be the case that between work, vacations and celebrations you’ve missed the best of June and July, I wanted to pull some posts from the recent archives that demand your attention.

Without further ado, here’s what you’ve missed, In the Flash…

  • Who put the men in menopause…men! Who would have thunk it. But evolutionary research suggests that men and male proclivity for younger mates in order to perpetuate the race created menopause. Seems a bit out there but there you have it!
  • Worried about skin aging? Wear sunscreen! And try to get more sleep. Yup, this time I’ve dished up two separate factors that will age your skin quicker than you can apply that expensive anti-aging moisturizer. And you absolutely need to pay attention!
  • Next time you need that caffeine fix, be mindful of where you are going to get it. I’m Re-spilling the beans on coffee and caffeine and the news may cause you to think twice before dropping that money on a cup of espresso.
  • Guyside: Does my butt look big in this world? Flashfree’s got a new columnist and he’s a male who’s not afraid to show his feminine side what it feels like to be a man. Ladies – you definitely want to direct your men to this monthly column written by the incredible Bob LeDrew.
  • Is estrogen safe?  Has the nail come out of the estrogen coffin? Or is the pro-hormone team trying once again to pull a fast one? You’ll want to read this piece for the latest news on the hormone front.
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The Roundup: Fall News and Tidbits

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[Credit: Special Thanks to artist Darryl Willison of  Please visit his site and support his work.]

Wow! Can you believe that we have reached the last month of the year? I haven’t done a Roundup in some time so in case you’ve missed something, I’m selecting my Fall favs for your perusal.


  •  Menophrenia? The Walking Dead have nothing on zombiepausal women. Welcome to the dark side of vintage advertising.
  • HRT takes yet another hit. The U.S. Preventive Task Force says that hormone therapy will not protect you against chronic disease.
  • Speak up! Women have plenty to say…except when it comes to corporate or governing bodies. It’s time to change that paradigm, don’t you think?
  • Feeling Wheezy? What’s in your medicine cabinet? HRT may be worsening your asthma.
  • I Put a Spell on You. If your flashing it out of control, you may want to see a hypnotist. That’s right; researchers say that hypnosis can significantly benefit number and severity of hot flashes.
  • No Bones About It! Aging is part of the bone loss story. But what about your diet and the meds you take? Time to look closer and factors that may be influencing your skeleton.
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Guest Post Roundup: Sex, Generations and A Whole Lotta Love

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As we come closer to the year’s end, I’d like to express my gratitude to a few of my colleagues who took the time to publish their thoughts on Flashfree this year. And, althoughI receive a lot of solicitations, there are few that I feel are worthy of your time or your close read. These, on the other hand, rocked my world, not only because of their breadth and finesse but also because of the love behind the words and thoughts.

This is a Roundup that you don’t want to miss.

[Credit: Special and enduring thanks to artist Darryl Willison of Please visit his site and support his work!]

  • Should fatties get a room? Dr. Brian Hughes has lent his fine prose to this blog several times and often writes insightfully about how our society takes advantage of women. When I stumble across something on his blog that screams Flashfree, I reach out and say pretty please. Brian rocks!
  • Should I or shouldn’t I? Oncologist, journalist and educator Dr. Elaine Shattner has spent most of her online bandwidth on discerning the facts about breast and other cancers. Let’s face it; there is a  lot of information swirling around the Interwebz and when it comes to figuring out what it means, well, the challenge can be daunting. Want to know more? Elaine’s your girl for the 4-11.
  • Anti Anti-Aging, Pro Great Glow. Do you want to fight your years? Or fight FOR them? Writer and author D.A. Wolfe dishes up some provocative prose and challenges the inner you. This one’s got “win” written all over it.
  • Counterterrorism, women and 9-11. Doesn’t sound like a topic for Flashfree, does it? But my friend Anne Weiskopf shares a poignant piece about what it means to be a woman. And a mother.
  • Want to get your groove on? Move. Alexandra Williams, motivational speaker, fitness writer, radio host and inspirateur nails it with a wonderful post on sex, exercise and wellbeing.
  • Vagina’s are like self-cleaning ovens. Wait! What?! Yes, gynecologist and sex expert Dr. Jen Gunter makes a guest appearance to shake up the idea that douching is a good idea.
  • Have you crossed the Big M finish line? Author Sarah Bowen thought she had. And tells us how she hit the reset button before the race ended.
  • On Becoming Bendy. Author Patti Digh is at it again. She’s changing our world, one day at a time. And wow, has she ever changed hers’ this year. Want to be a better you? Bendy. Who said that Gumby didn’t have an alterior motive?
  • Are you becoming your mother? When was the last time you looked in the mirror and asked yourself the very question that my friend, motivational speaker and author Cherry Woodburn asks in this post? Are you a generational profiler?
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The Roundup – Guest posts you don’t want to miss

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[Credit: Special thanks to artist Darryl Willison of Please visit his site and support his work!]

Time to go outside the Roundup box. This month, I’ve decided to feature guest posts from 2010 that you don’t want to miss. These authors deserve your attention and your feedback. And my sincerest thanks to these beautiful women for adorning the pages of this blog and taking the time to share their thoughts, ideals and passions.

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Random Roundup: news and tidbits picked just for you

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I’ve decided to lose the monthly or quarterly Roundups and post them more sporadically. Moreover, since September marks the beginning of Fall, it seems like a great time to highlight some of the most interesting posts and news since July.  Be sure to check them out and feel free, always, to send me a note telling me what you’d like to see included in the next Roundup.

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