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Back in the Fifties, they used to treat menopause the way that they treated schizophrenia — with Thorazine. Evidently, the medical community also used Thorazine to treat nausea and vomiting, ‘senile agitation,’ and acute alcoholism. In other words, it was a psychiatric wonderdrug, creating zombie-like hormonal women, senile men and nauseated children across the U.S.

But back to women….I can only wonder why, at the time,  no one thought to coin the term ‘menophrenia,’ i.e. emotional upset of the menopausal patient?

Welcome to the dark side of menopause and vintage advertising. Creating zombiepausal women everywhere!




  1. 12-1-2012

    I would be looking  at the doctor with That Expression too, if he prescribed me Thorazine.

    • 12-1-2012

      LOL! I truly enjoy these vintage ads. Take a look through the archives!


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