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The Roundup: Fall News and Tidbits

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[Credit: Special Thanks to artist Darryl Willison of  Please visit his site and support his work.]

Wow! Can you believe that we have reached the last month of the year? I haven’t done a Roundup in some time so in case you’ve missed something, I’m selecting my Fall favs for your perusal.


  •  Menophrenia? The Walking Dead have nothing on zombiepausal women. Welcome to the dark side of vintage advertising.
  • HRT takes yet another hit. The U.S. Preventive Task Force says that hormone therapy will not protect you against chronic disease.
  • Speak up! Women have plenty to say…except when it comes to corporate or governing bodies. It’s time to change that paradigm, don’t you think?
  • Feeling Wheezy? What’s in your medicine cabinet? HRT may be worsening your asthma.
  • I Put a Spell on You. If your flashing it out of control, you may want to see a hypnotist. That’s right; researchers say that hypnosis can significantly benefit number and severity of hot flashes.
  • No Bones About It! Aging is part of the bone loss story. But what about your diet and the meds you take? Time to look closer and factors that may be influencing your skeleton.
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The Roundup – Guest posts you don’t want to miss

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Time to go outside the Roundup box. This month, I’ve decided to feature guest posts from 2010 that you don’t want to miss. These authors deserve your attention and your feedback. And my sincerest thanks to these beautiful women for adorning the pages of this blog and taking the time to share their thoughts, ideals and passions.

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The Roundup – a few highlights

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I would be remiss if I didn’t admit that this well-received monthly feature seems to have fallen off Flashfree post list. So, as of today, I am officially reviving it. Rather than list four month’s worth of  highlights, I’ve decided to pick and choose a few favourites so you don’t miss anything. Still, my mind isn’t yours’ so feel free to peruse the monthly archives.

Without further ado…

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The Roundup: January News and Tidbits

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[Credit: Special thanks to artist Darryl Willison of Please visit his site and support his work.]

Is it already February? This year is going to fly by. Into the tens and closer to Spring! Let’s take a look at what January brought in terms of menopause and midlife:

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The Roundup: 2009

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I had originally written a December Roundup like months prior. And it mysteriously disappeared into the black hole of writing, socks and earrings.

Taking a page from the book of “stir things up,” I decided to shed this year by posting some of my favorites. So, without further interruption, I bring you my top five of 2009. (BTW, I’d love to hear your feedback on the posts that rocked your world, made you happy or sad or that made you think a bit harder.)

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