Wacky menopausal function?

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Try Ovazyl.


Described in the International Record of Medicine and General Practice Clinics (published 1922) as an endocrine functional tonic, Ovazyl was specifically (or “emphatically”) for women entering natural or surgical menopause in a “state of depression intensified by medical and physical irritability, fear or apprehensiveness.”

These nifty pills were developed from raw endocrine glands that were extracted and then dried up under laboratory conditions. Theoretically, two pills daily with meal would address ovarian or thyroid ‘weakness, menstrual disorders, neuroses and high blood pressure. The hormonal fountain of youth, if you will. Or something like that. The tricky part is replacing dwindling hormones with dried up glands rather than the hormones themselves.

Don’t know about you but raw endocrine glands are probably best with fava beans and a good chianti, if you get my drift.

Yikes! Another winning tonic from days of yore.


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