Monday Bubble:, chill your sleep

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Monday Bubble? Say what?! Yeah, I’m shaking up the week a bit with a Wednesday Bubble on a Monday. Hey, why not?!

Got sleep issues? Nightsweats getting you all hot bothered (and not in a good way)? There’s yet another solution!

First there were cleavage coolers. Then the Bedfan and Chilipads. Then the Chillow. And now….

Cool Gelmats.

Yup, Cool Gelmats…the “wonderfully cool sensation that’s enough to take your breath away as you feel yourself drawn into a cool, comfortable land of slumber.” Theoretically, the gel acts to absorb heat and then disperse it to help you stay cool. And it keeps its cool without refrigeration (definitely a benefit because you might need an extra fridge to store the gel mat). Heck, you can even fold it and take it camping or on trips (w0nder if it would make it through the TSA?).

More amusing? It’s the ‘perfect partner’ to get you through the hottest of summers (and I guess, sweats).

I’m all for cooling. I’m all against night sweats. But how many coolers does one need in one’s life? Personally, I’ll stick to the devil I know. Nightsweats are a bitch. But there are ways to shut them down without resorting to pads and rubber chickens for the menopausal set.

Brrrrrr. Chill this one no.

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