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I am a huge fan of innovative solutions to keeping cool. Which is why I am a huge fan of Sheex.  Disclosure: the company did not contact me to write about them nor have I tried the sheets. However, I have written previously about alternate use of fabrics that were originally developed for athletes to promote a cooler, more comfortable sleep for flashers and sweaters.

According to the website, the technology breathes twice as well as more traditional bedding and transfers body heat twice as effectively as cotton does. It also claims to have three times the drying power of cotton. I also like the fact they’ve taken the time to develop sheets for travel, so that you can keep comfortable wherever you are. What’s more, the company is owned by two women who were former basketball coaches, so clearly they understand women’s needs.

Granted, the sheet sets are expensive. But can you really place a price on comfort and a good night’s sleep? I’d rather spend a bit more money and a bit less time changing sheets or clothing because I’m drenched.

Hat’s off Sheex! Thanks for thinking of us! And let us all “sleep fit” and not fitfully.


  1. 1-22-2010

    Is this what I have to look forward to?! Night sweats? Bedding made out of ‘spandex’?

    But seriously, these sheets look kind of cool. I used to detest synthetic fabrics. I didn’t like the way they felt against my skin. I felt claustrophobic.

    Then, I moved to a warmer climate and started cycling in warm, humid weather. I told the woman in the bike shop that I really can’t stand synthetic materials. She insisted that the newer materials (or maybe it’s the way they are woven?) are breathable and really do help you keep cool.

    Now, I realize that synthetic materials are not all created equally. I love my cycling and workout clothes. I have mixed feelings about (needing) these sheets, though. I may change my mind in a few years.

    • 1-22-2010

      I don’t especially care for synthetics either. But I’ve both worn these type of breathable fabrics for working out and to bed and they’re impressive. Just wait – night sweats are no fun!

      Thanks for the comment Cindy!


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