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I love wine. I drink it regularly, even if it tends to promote a bit of heat of the hot flash variety. And, while I am certainly not a oenophile, I take great pleasure in exploring different wines from different regions and countries.

So, I was dumbstruck when I started researching a topic for this week’s posts and ran across Hot Flash Wineshfwine hfwine


There’s a new schtick in menopauseland and it’s wine, that is, ‘A Wine for your Mood at the Moment.’ Let’s take a sampling of the selection, shall we?

  • Mood Swing Merlot $18.99/bottle
  • Covers Off Chardonnay $16.99/bottle
  • Zin-O-Pause $18.99/bottle

That’s a pricey way to drink away the menopause or as the founder of the company, Mollie Openshaw would position it, celebrate, laugh at and make fun of menopause. I applaud Mollie and what she is trying to do; while Skinny Girl takes away the calories, Mollie and friends basically turn their backs on that nonsense and have a glass or two of vino. Their philosophy? Embrace who you are and what you’ve been given, and  living healthy is about loving life! Great messages, right?

But, here’s the rub. It strikes me that there is a recent history of appealing to female consumers through the label and admittedly, I am wary of marketing driven wines. I consider myself a wine drinker, not a gender-driven wine drinker and I care more about what’s inside the bottle than what’s slapped on the bottle. It’s unlikely that I’ll even pick up ‘Mad Housewife’ or ‘Rude Girl’  or if truth be told, ‘Hot Flash.’ Having never tasted a Hot Flash, I can’t say much about the flavor or quality of what Mollie is selling but for a hefty pricetag of $17-$19/bottle, let’s hope it’s better than the schtick because the act can only go so far before people lose interest and put their money literally where their mouths are.

Let’s celebrate being women who are in midlife before we start selling ourselves short, one bottle at a time. Hot Flash Wine? Hmmm. Not too psyched about this one.




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