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  1. 1-3-2013

    Wait a minute…wouldn’t it make more sense to believe that if you are having night sweats (and therefore not sleeping well, with all it’s attendant issues) you THEN believe menopause has a major effect on you–and not the reverse?

    • 1-3-2013

      @mamieduff Menopause is not intuitive!

  2. 1-3-2013

    Hi, Liz,
    Well, I’d be the last to claim menopause (or anything related to women’s reproductive systems) is intuitive–heaven knows the machinery is complex and cranky enough!
    But this one data point is really problematic. Anyone who has been kept awake by–whatever–small children, pain, construction noise next door, menopause–knows that it disrupts your entire day. Your experience is, in fact, that there is a significant consequence to your life.
    If the researchers measured a woman’s perceptions about menopause BEFORE she experienced the night sweats and then compared outcomes after menopause began, I would be less skeptical. Is that the case? If they’re comparing AFTER menopause begins, then clearly, women who have night sweats quite understandably would have the “perception that menopause and its symptoms had a moderate to highly significant life impact”. Because…it does, for them.

    • 1-3-2013

      @mamieduff I am starting to get confused by what’s bothering you. The researchers conducted two major analyses – univariate and multivariate. The factors that I am citing are the multivariate ones and hence, are independently associated with resilience or vulnerability. The trouble may be with how I wrote it.

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