Wednesday Bubble: Hold Your Breasts; it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Got pink? In case you haven’t noticed, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Want to take good care of those bewbs of yours’? Check out this incredible post by blogger and cancer advocate Jody Schoger. I’ve known Jody virtually for a few years now and I am consistently impressed by her efforts to educate and not simply raise awareness.

Take note! As Jody writes:

“The first week of Breast Cancer Awareness has ended. Sometimes it reminds me of how Christmas has been commercialized – it starts early, is in your face, and makes myth of the experience itself.  It can trivialize a serious disease, divert discussion and dollars. I happen to think if we continue to act fearlessly – as friends, as survivors, advocates and activists –  in bringing our intellecrtual collective to bear on the issue we can change the landscape for your daughters.   Last week I was stunned to hear someone on our weekly #BCSM chat express the thought that we – co moderators Alicia Staley and Deanna Attai, MD and I — had a political agenda.  If having an anti-cancer, evidence-based, pro-survivorship, community-based agenda is political then yes, I’ll be the first to print campaign buttons and banners.  On my dollar.  Not from pimping cancer.”

Jody has a lot more to say so please, visit her blog before you do anything else today. And take care of your health by informing yourself in a thoughtful way. “Anti-cancer, evidence-based, pro-survivorship?” Right on, Jody!

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    That is hilarious.  Check out up to date information on:

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