Wednesday Bubble: is menopause relief right under your nose?

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Evidently, the relief for better sex. restoration of hormonal balance and hot flash relief has been right under our noses the entire time.

No, really!

NOXO Menopause Relief ™, available as an inhaler or a balm, relies upon Nobel prize-winning science that focus on the olfactory glands and stimulates the olfactory receptors in the brain. The goal? Evidently by inhaling the proprietary blend of phytonutrients and phytochemicals, one can actually alter perception. The result? “A smoother, less turbulent transition into the menopause phase of life.”  With just three inhalations a day, NOXO Menopause Relief “stimulates the release of powerful neurochemical transmitters that act on the limbic system and the limbic system acts to regulate body functions.”

Wow! Almost sounds too good to be true. And Nobel worthy?

According to the site, unrelated Nobel prize research into brain’s olfactory receptors showed odorants possessed an ability to transmit signals to brain receptors in order to influence mood and discomfort and other senses. Theoretically, this would mean that there was a way to utilize the brain’s inherent response to scent in order to influence wellbeing.

I am an advocate of  aromatherapy and I personally believe that certain scents can influence mood or calm nerves. However, I am not entirely convinced that scent can be used to actually alter hormonal balance or influence sexual function. Indeed, some readers of this blog may recall the test drive me and several others gave Zestra, essential arousal oils geared towards improving sexual desire; not only did the product fail to arouse but it actually had the opposite effect.

Can NOXO do what Zestra couldn’t?

All that, and more!

Check this: NOXO has a full line of olfactory wonders to resolve anxiety, stop smoking, control appetite and even curb attention deficit disorder.

Wednesday Bubble? I smell something a bit fishy…don’t you?


  1. 2-23-2011

    I’d love to “test drive” this one. If the opportunity presents itself, I’m in. Too good to be true usually is!

    • 2-23-2011

      I doubt that this one’s quite as bad as Zestra. Just probably quite as unhelpful.

  2. 2-23-2011

    Huh, I’d sure be interested in hearing from someone that has used this before. To mean it sounds like it promises to be a miracle fix, which almost always means it’s no where close. I’ve been looking into different menopause treatments recently, but this is the first time I’ve come across this particular product. Thanks for bringing this up!

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