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I’m interrupting our regularly scheduled Wednesday Bubble. I wanted to share everything that I’m grateful for afterall, we are on the verge of Turkey day here in the States, right?!

I promise to post part three of my interview with the immensely talented Patti Digh and other wonderful tidbits soon.

In the interim, thanks for indulging me.

I have one request though; hug somebody today, give them a smile, donate a $1 to Second Harvest and feed 16 individuals, be grateful, laugh, have fun, live in the moment.

Personally, I am grateful:

  • For an amazing family. Two parents who are healthy and present, a brother and sister in law who support me 150% and show me their love in a zillion ways, and three amazing nephews who each bring joy into my life in ways that I could never have defined before they arrived here on earth
  • For incredible, loving friends who show me the way even when I don’t want to see it (you know who you are!)
  • For my life, which is rich and fun and exciting and always new
  • For music, which inspires when words fail me and the gift of writing when they don’t
  • And for you, dear readers of this blog, who support my journey and continue to check back to see what crazy thing I’ve come up with to share

Thank you all.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. 11-27-2008

    Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

  2. 11-30-2008

    And though I’m a little slow on the uptake these days, I am grateful for you, too. And if I may speak for the nephews, I know that you rock their world.

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