RB-X – Does real beauty start with the letter ‘g?’

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Dove’s evolving Real Beauty may have done women everywhere a solid by highlighting real skin and real curves. But it appears that the manufacturer is beginning to believe its own hype with the latest iteration: “Is Beauty a State of Mind?”

Does real beauty start with the letter ‘G’ as in, ‘gullible?’

The Dove State of Mind campaign highlights several women of varying ages and ethnicities who are recruited to try the RB-X ‘Beauty Patch.’ For a week, they are asked to apply the patch and keep a daily diary. And imagine this: in simply one week, these Doubting Debbies have blossomed into Boastful Beauties. The rub? There’s nothing in the patch; it’s just a patch. And when they women learn that the patch is a placebo, they each have an epiphany! They were beautiful ‘all along,;’ the patch simply boosted their self-confidence. Oopsie! How could they not have known (blush, giggle, yikes).

Wow, colour me dumbfounded.

Ladies, indeed, it is time to take a step back and redefine the meaning of beauty. While it may be a state of mind (at times), it is certainly not a Dove State.


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