Guyside: Welcoming Danny Brown to the Roster

Posted by on Apr 1, 2014 in Guyside | 3 comments

Bet you thought that we were going all hip hop on you, right?!



Well, while that might add an interesting twist to Flashfree, our Danny is not the rapper. But we are excited to have our Danny Brown  join the evolving roster of writers for Guyside.

If you don’t know Danny, he’s co-author of Influence Marketing, described as “the book that will change the way we do business today” and rated Top 100 Business Books in U.S. by Nielsen Bookscan. His blog,, is recognized as the #1 marketing blog in world by HubSpot.

Danny describes himself as follows: “Husband. Father. Optimist. Pragmatist. Sometimes in that order. Never says no to a good single malt.” (Which makes him tops in my book, btw)!

His post is in the queue and will appear on tomorrow’s Guyside. Don’t miss it; it’s a good one!


  1. 4-1-2014

    Ah crap… with that kind of intro, now I have to write interesting stuff! Damn you, Liz – damn you all to Hades!!! 🙂

    • 4-1-2014

      Ha! Can’t wait to see what you churn out!

  2. 4-4-2014

    Danny’s a rock star writer (unless he hates the overused phrase, “rock star.” In that case, he’s a ninja. Doh!)

    Great addition — never miss his posts! 🙂


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