Have you outlived your ovaries?

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“This wasn’t a change; it was a catastrophe.”

It is difficult to argue with a proper woman who claims that her symptoms are catastrophic, so much so that she needs to ‘relive’  and ‘re-prime’ her reproductive organs. When the message equals the madness, vintage advertising is at its finest. You can’t argue with science, right?! Ironically, this ad appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1975, the very same year designated by the United Nations as International Women’s Year. Clearly, Big Pharma didn’t get the memo!




  1. 1-12-2014

    The sight of this ad makes me so furious I’m shaking. My mother wasn’t even 40 when her doctor prescribed Premarin for her after she had her first hot flash. He kept her on Premarin for FIFTEEN FUCKING YEARS until she happened to read the Barbara Seaman book Women And the Crisis In Sex Hormones and finally stopped taking it.

    Ten years later she was dead — 5 months after a radical mastectomy, a massive pulmonary embolism killed her almost instantly.

    Nothing can convince me that Premarin, taken for all those years, didn’t have some part in her illness and death. Fuck Big Pharma.

  2. 1-23-2014

    My doctor just put me on Ospemifene and it seems to be helping me. I had a young menopause and hated estradiol so quit and went without HRT until recent problems made me go back and explore other options. I couldn’t tolerate the cream so we tried Ospemifene and…I feel great. Sad part is other people notice I’m in a better mood. It’s a SERM so supposedly won’t cause other problems. Knock on wood.

    • 1-23-2014

      SERMS are definitely a safer option, Heidi. I’m glad that it’s working well for you. And thank you for sharing that; it may help other readers who are looking for safer options.

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