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No, I am not looking for a date! But I am looking for talented, male writers.

When I started this blog roughly 5 and a half years ago, my goal was to bring menopause out into the open, to promote dialogue, to remove stigma and to provide data-based, useful information about strategies to combat symptoms. Over the years, Flashfree has evolved to address midlife issues, career and self-growth. However, I realized that one critical piece of the puzzle was missing: the male point of view.

As much as I believe that women should rule the world (I kid!), the other half exists and influences how we think, how we behave and how we feel. Likewise, we do the same and sometimes without an intimate understanding of what makes the male psyche tick.

As we approach midlife and middle age, things start to shift, needs change, points of view alter and communication can break down. If my mission is to pave the midlife path and help you avoid some of the bumps and potholes, then I need to find a way to bridge the gap between the sexes.

Hence, Guyside.

And like all good things, Guyside is evolving.

Started over the summer by columnist, Bob LeDrew, Guyside is the male side of midlife and menopause and relationships and growing older. And as of the New Year, we’ll be making a few changes. Currently a once-monthly column, Guyside will now be taking over the Wednesday Bubble slot. And while we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves and a couple of stellar male writers lined up to share some of the spotlight with Bob (as well as the trials and tribulations of this time of life), we are looking for a few good men, namely a few guys between the ages of 50 and 60 who know their way around a sentence or two.

If you are interested in contributing, drop us a note at flashfree111@gmail.com. Guyside is your side; it’s about time we’ve got some testosterone in these here parts!



  1. 11-2-2013

    Brava, Liz! Brava!!

  2. 11-14-2013

    My boyfriend is experiencing many different changes in his body. I have told him it sounds like male menopause. so many have not heard of it. He has sore nipples, issues with constipation and his sex drive is low. Sounds like he needs some “T” help. Thanks for having this site so many people think only women go through the change. Men do too. I feel bad for men they get overlooked in many issues.

    • 11-14-2013

      Sounds like he needs to go to see a doctor pronto! Not sure about the low T or if it’s something else. But definitely encourage him to take care of his health.

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