Wednesday Bubble: Menopause Skin Cream Redux

Posted by on Oct 30, 2013 in aging, appearance | 2 comments

Bubbles with reflectionsDid you catch Monday’s post about Stratum C and the promise of this unique cream and serum on menopause skin? A few hours after the post went live, I received an email from one of the company’s representatives who explained that the products were not only backed by published data but were priced accordingly:

“The combination of peptides in the products is unique and includes the optimum strength needed to counteract the effects of menopause. Both products also contain high levels of hyaluronic acid and low aqua content (approximately 40% in the cream and 18% in the serum, which in comparison to most high street products is a lot less than the usual 90% aqua content). The price reflects how we have used high levels and only the highest quality ingredients.”

While I stand by my initial comments with regard to the low number of women on which the products have been tested, I am always willing to be challenged on my assumptions. Consequently, I’ve agreed to try Stratum C and see how it goes. I don’t anticipate that the environmental toll that my facial skin has taken will be reversed but hey, you never know, right?

Stay tuned. This story is only just beginning.


  1. 10-30-2013

    I liked your Monday post. 🙂 When you try the cream, make sure you compare it to your usual moisturizer on the other half of your face. Any cream is better than no-product dry skin. I await your results!

    • 10-30-2013

      Val – interestingly, the company is planning a phase IV study that will gather subjective assessments after two months of use. I love your idea…should take a before and after photo.

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