In the Flash: June/July Roundup

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Can you believe that it’s August already?! I feel as though the Summer has flown by and that I’ve been unconsciously busy for most of it. Since it may be the case that between work, vacations and celebrations you’ve missed the best of June and July, I wanted to pull some posts from the recent archives that demand your attention.

Without further ado, here’s what you’ve missed, In the Flash…

  • Who put the men in menopause…men! Who would have thunk it. But evolutionary research suggests that men and male proclivity for younger mates in order to perpetuate the race created menopause. Seems a bit out there but there you have it!
  • Worried about skin aging? Wear sunscreen! And try to get more sleep. Yup, this time I’ve dished up two separate factors that will age your skin quicker than you can apply that expensive anti-aging moisturizer. And you absolutely need to pay attention!
  • Next time you need that caffeine fix, be mindful of where you are going to get it. I’m Re-spilling the beans on coffee and caffeine and the news may cause you to think twice before dropping that money on a cup of espresso.
  • Guyside: Does my butt look big in this world? Flashfree’s got a new columnist and he’s a male who’s not afraid to show his feminine side what it feels like to be a man. Ladies – you definitely want to direct your men to this monthly column written by the incredible Bob LeDrew.
  • Is estrogen safe?  Has the nail come out of the estrogen coffin? Or is the pro-hormone team trying once again to pull a fast one? You’ll want to read this piece for the latest news on the hormone front.

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