Wednesday Bubble: It’s Amazing!

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Snake Oil. It’s pervasive in health and it’s important to maintain your vigilance and common sense. So, if someone promises you a product that is NON-TOXIC with NO DRUG INTERACTIONS, a technology that touches just about every aspect of health imaginable, directs you to a website entitled yesitsamazing, you have to step back and wonder what the heck.

What’s so amazing you ask?!

Redox signaling molecules — the very same molecules that exist within cells — that scientists have now suspended in a saline solution so that they work OUTSIDE THE BODY to heal just about everything from asthma and bladder leakage, to restless leg syndrome, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s. My goodness, it’s a miracle, truly amazing!!!!! Or as the folks over at Science Based Medicine describe it, “water and salt.”

The folks pitching this miracle supplement, better known as ASAE,  claim that they have data supporting the efficacy of chemically recombined molecules. In fact, ASAE theoretically replenishes signaling molecules that are lost during the aging process.

Redox is scientific terminology for reduction and oxidation, all chemical reactions in which electrons are transferred between particles so that a signal is initiated. You may have heard of such things are reactive oxygen species or oxygen free radicals — molecules that contain oxygen chemicals that can influence immunity and disease through their actions on cells. However, while the science is sound, the product, as described, is hardly science. What’s more, a quick sweep through the National Library of Medicine reveals plenty of studies on signaling molecules but not one on ASAE. Huh. Makes me even more curious about the science behind the claims that ASAE:
  • Promotes enhanced immune function
  • Boosts efficiency of the body’s own antioxidant by 500%
  • Offers proven superior support to athletes (in a study of 17 people, by the way, with no control group for comparison)

Honestly,  you probably need ASAE as much as you need a glass of salt water. Amazing? Hardly.

This ‘science’ breakthrough is anything but.

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