Don’t be cool. Be Super Cool!

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2655699816The Japanese lingerie company Triumph has introduced a ‘Super Cool Bra’ to insure that women not only stay cool this coming summer but also keep their electricity bills down. The bra is equipped with removable gel packs that can be placed in the freezer (designed, by the way, to look like a fish bowl), and an attachable ladle so that women can douse themselves with sprinkles of water when the gel packs don’t quite do the trick. There is also a removable fan that can be used any time to boost the chill factor to ‘Super.’ And to complete the package, the bra also includes a sprig of mint and a wind chime to boost other senses that will provide a sense of cool.

The point of this neat design is evidently to encourage Japanese consumers to cut down on their electricity consumption during the coming Japanese summer and sadly, the bra will not be massed produced. However, when I first stumbled across this wondrous design, all I could think was ‘menopause.’

Gel packs, ladles, fans – it’s a veritable hot flash bust-er!

Anyone want to bet on the knock-offs? I may need to take a trek to NYC’S Canal Street in search of a Super Duper Cool Bra. Ladle and fishbowl optional!

Happy Friday!


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