Wednesday Bubble: Bacon in the boudoir…keep it sizzlin’!

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Every now then I digress from more relevant matters and get to the lighter, brighter side. And since, I can’t possibly make this up  I’ll just get right to it.

Two words: bacon lube.

Yes, that’s correct. Bacon Lube. You too, can be a bacon lover. No, I did not say lover of bacon, but…bacon lover. Baconlube™ is the “world’s first bacon-flavored personal lubricant and massage oil.” Why? Because everything should taste like bacon. Even sex. Some people equate bacon and sex. I know some of these people. I really do!

Me? I’d rather keep my eating to… well, just use your imagination.

p.s. If lube ain’t up your alley, the company offers plenty of bacon products so that you can create your own personal bacontopia. Even bacon mmmenvelopes for those major mailing events. And irony of irony! These products are certified Kosher! SAY WHAT?! Kosher Bacon? Sacrilege!

What’s a Wednesday without a bit of sizzle, baby….?

Oink, oink!


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