Spanx a lot…active wear and a whole lotta hot

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A few years ago, I ran a hilarious video, posted by  Fighting Mad Mary featuring her friend GloZell (star of the You Tube Glozell channel), trying to squeeze her frame into a pair of spanx capri. For those of you who are unfamiliar with spanx, it was clearly invented by a man because no sane woman would ever do that to another female.

That’s what I thought. Until I encountered SpanxActive. Say what? The hottest, most uncomfortable material to hold in the stuff for your workout? Talk about torture! And whole lotta hot. Seriously, why are you wasting your time and dollars on Hot Yoga when you can buy Spanx and sweat to your heart’s desire?

In any case, I would love to share GloZell’s experience with Spanx because we need to laugh as much as we need to cry.  In this particular case, you may do both as you watch GloZell attempt to deal with the challenge at hand.

This one’s for you GloZell. You had me at Spanx!

Happy Friday!


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