Wednesday Bubble: Be You Again

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Want to beat the ‘menopause misery?’ Now you can with BeYouAgain.

Not only do I hate the name but I hate the concept that you ever stopped ‘being you’ and instead, became another ‘you’ because of menopause. And while I certainly don’t fault any woman for feeling differently when those damn mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, headaches, bloating, insomnia or depression hits, I believe that the concept of losing ones soul in the depths of menopause hell is a bunch of hogwash. Trust me; I’ve seen the menopause devil and although she isn’t very pretty, she hasn’t yet robbed me of me.

According to the manufacturer, BetterYou™, BeYouAgain is a “premium sourced food supplement” that contains an “invigorating blend of herbal adaptogens, minerals and vitamins to nourish and revive a tired body.” Not only does it help to “encourage mood maintenance and reduce” axiety, but it also “promotes mental clarity and concentration, alleviates short-term fatigue and helps to maintain a healthy heart and normal blood pressure.” Wow! All these benefits in only two capsules daily.

BeYouAgain contains:

  • maca, to enhance energy, stamina and libido
  • magnesium, to help relax the body
  • milk thistle to protect the liver
  • agnus castus to balance hormones
  • Siberian ginseng to maintain energy
  • Cayenne pepper to enhance circulation and digestion

And, a host of other vitamins and minerals to boost these processes.

Stop. Really. Stop and think.

Two pills, one size fits all, menopause hype.

You’re not you but you can be you if you simply take “BeYouAgain” daily.

I don’t know what part of this story is more insulting. The fact that the manufacturers want you to believe that you’ve lost a part of you that can be regained with supplements. Or the story that menopause steals your soul in the first place.

The She Devil? I’d take a guess that she’s residing in Better You.

Bursting this one.

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  1. 6-16-2011

    Actually this is a very good supplement which I know from experience works. All of the ingredients are particularly good for menopausal symptoms, try to remember that everyone is different and feels different when going through menopause! I found this supplement regulated my cycle, gave me more energy and helped me sleep better amongst other things. I also like the fact that it has milk thistle to protect the liver. The title Be You Again I think would probably sum up how LOTS of women feel around this time as you can start to feel that your mind and body are caving in!!!! I know this from myself and lots of other female friends!!!! So I find your comments a little bit too judgemental! I find this to be a good product and actually after having given it a break due to having to order over the internet as I don’t live in UK I am now considering going back on these ‘two a day’ little tablets to help me BE ME AGAIN!!

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