Wednesday Bubble: All the news that’s fit to…?

Posted by on Mar 30, 2011 in emotions, general | 4 comments

What a perfect mid-week bubble than to burst 1970’s misconceptions about women and menopause. Seriously, wasn’t this the era of feminism and bra burning, not histronics about emotionally unstability and how it might leadership?

Even more frightening? In some circles, these viewpoints remain.

A blast from this past…this one’s only fit for bursting and burning, not for printing.


  1. 3-30-2011

    I’ll take a menopausal woman’s judgement any day over a narcissistic right wing nut job. Thanks Liz for reminding us have far we’ve come – and – the daily battles we must still fight. Also, made me smile to recall the indomitable Betty F.

    • 3-30-2011

      Anne, what amazes me is that we’ve not come so far…these sort of hysteria misconceptions still persist, especially in politics and even in medical circles. If there’s one thing I’m gonna achieve before I forget everything, it’s going to be to change the menopausal paradigm. One person at at time. I think that Bella Abzug should have been interviewed for this piece too!

  2. 4-2-2011

    At first I wanted to laugh, I thought it was a joke and then I realized it wasn’t. WOW!

    • 4-2-2011

      The more things change…

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