Three’s a crowd

Posted by on Mar 25, 2011 in women's health | 0 comments

Last year I introduced the concept of crowdsourcing menopause, a concept, while foreign to some readers, may be very familiar to others. Afterall, three’s a crowd, right?

Well, not quite, at least when it comes to women’s health. I am ready to shake things up a bit and am suggesting that we start to take our healthcare back into our own hands. This idea is not a new one and the burgeoning epatient movement is a primary example of how white noise is actually translating into a new language.

Yesterday, I sat in a room of people and watched this idea actually take hold. I saw the lightbulb go off in the heads of representatives of some major players in the healthcare arena. And while I can’t provide the ‘whats, hows or where,” I can tell you that changes are underfoot and soon, three won’t be enough of a crowd.

Do yourselves a favour: keep talking, sharing, demanding and acting. That change is gonna come…

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