Feeling like a ‘raging maniac?’ There’s a Facebook app for that!

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Truly, I am appalled.

BodyLogicMD, a national network of physician-owned practices that specialize in biodentical hormone replacement therapy, wants you to ‘Rate the Raging Maniac‘ in your life. (Note: you have to “like” the Facebook page in order in play.)

According to Vice President for Marketing, Jill Swartz “With the Raging Maniac Quiz on Facebook, we’re able to poke fun at the otherwise serious symptoms of hormon conditions like perimenopause, menopause and thyroid imbalances. This is a playful quiz we think people will have a great time socializing with.”

Okay. Let me get this straight.

Waning estrogen is wreaking havoc on your moods, causing swings, depression, anxiety, anger and short temper. You feel miserable and perhaps you are making your partner, friends or colleagues a wee bit miserable too. Or, you have a friend who’s hormonal swings are making her into ‘Bitchy Betty.’

The answer?

Visit the Facebook BodyLogic page, play ‘Rate the Raging Maniac,’ and up your social status by determining if you or your friend is “Hormonally Happy,” “A Mild Maniac,” or a “Raging Maniac.”  Better yet, Raging Maniac allows you to select a friend to play with and after the results are in, you can post them results to your friend’s wall. Game on! She can take the quiz to see if you are a raging maniac too.

Guess what BodyLogic?

I don’t know one woman who wants to be rated as a raging maniac, publicly or otherwise. I don’t know any friends, colleagues, or intimate partners who would be so insensitive to rate people in their lives as raging maniacs or those ridiculous quirky character pseudonyms that your marketing folks have come up with, characters like “Sexi Lexi,” “Forgetful Fran” or “Negative Nancy.” I don’t know who your social marketing person is but you may want to think about replacing them with someone who understands women.

In the interim, one can only surmise that if you’re deemed a Raging Maniac, well, then, you need to contact one of BodyLogicMD’s physicians and get that prescription for biodentical hormones pronto!

Or is that the booby prize?


  1. 3-7-2011

    I was appalled to learn of this Facebook quiz and agree wholeheartedly that this is a continuation of the ridiculous stereotypes women have struggled to shed for years.

    While there often is value in balancing a woman’s hormones with bio-identical hormone treatment, this is not the way to go about promoting that service, in my opinion.

    For the record, many women are facing decisions about using bio-identical hormones to balance their hormone levels and find the subject intimidating and frightening. It then becomes essential for service providers to build trust in their audience so that the women learning about their services feel they can entrust their health with these professionals.

    The quiz’s name and descriptive language might grab attention but does not install confidence or trust and serves to perpetuate nauseating stereotypes.

    By the way, in spite of the fact that my name is “Allen” I am a woman and am of the age that must be part of the target market for this app.

    • 3-7-2011

      Thanks Allen. Bioidenticals are a choice that women need to make for themselves. Being duped into that choice is unconscionable disease mongering.

  2. 3-7-2011

    This is a quite insensitive… definitely the wrong way to promote this service.

    • 3-7-2011

      Thank you Nathan. Insensitive is an understatement. Appreciate you taking the time to read and comment.

  3. 3-7-2011

    Oh… shaking head… this is not good. not good at all. Mostly it’s a stupid idea that will (I hope) die the death of other stupid ideas.

    • 3-7-2011

      Stupid, oh my yes. A social media faux pas? OMG YES!

  4. 3-7-2011

    I’m speechless.

    If one of my friends rates me, you’ll see bitchy betty, for sure.

    This is one crappy idea.

    • 3-7-2011

      Wendy, i promise never to rate you as anything but Wendy Wonderful. Even when you rage. 😉 Thanks for commenting; I want this quiz off the webz.

  5. 3-7-2011

    It is really too bad that a company needs to sink so low and exploit women this way. Their sense of humor is a bit…distorted.

    • 3-7-2011

      Sheryl. You are so right on target. But I think that their sense of humour is not only distorted but downright insulting. I can’t imagine a woman coming up with this idea or supporting it. It’s denigrating. Thanks for commenting!

  6. 3-21-2011

    It sounds like the creators of this game under value the concept of building each other up. When I’m feeling down, I would like to find solace in a friend I can relate to, becuase I know she’ll build me up, not call my “Bitchy Betty.” For all women who are frustrated with menopause and could use some moral support, check out this website for a super cute way to pay tribute to women enduring menopause: http://www.waldosluggoandme.com sells “The Ultimate Is-It-Hot-In-Here? Good Voodoo Protectress” doll. The doll celebrates all women trying to make it through menopause with good luck wishes such as “Fears NO Swimsuit” and “Still One Hot Mama.” What a perfect gift for a girlfriend needing a little relief from the stress of menopause. Maybe even a unique gift idea for Mother’s Day.

    • 3-22-2011

      Beth. I love this! It’s a Wed Bubble – credit to you. Thanks!!!


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