Wednesday Bubble: Top Menopause Sites? You Decide!

Posted by on Feb 16, 2011 in general | 2 comments

From time to time, I receive a notice that Flashfree has been ranked in the top health blogs for women or something along those lines. I have to be honest; I typically take these rankings with a grain of salt because the most important ranking comes from you – not someone else vetting the site. And although I always insure that I acknowledge the nod, the things that matter most are feedback, comments, site traffic, subscriptions and most of all, my commitment to you. If I run out things to say or write about or if Flashfree no longer inspires, well, then it’s time to close the doors and move onto something else.

Meanwhile, I am sharing this 30 top menopause blogs list. I’ve not vetted a lot of these sites so I can’t add much comment other than to say it may or may not be a good resource. And honestly, based on the categories, Flashfree probably could have easily fit into all of them – general, comedic, remedies and support –  because short of general physiology (which you can easily find on other sites throughout the web), I try to provide all that and more.

So, how about this time you burst the bubble. You decide. Check them out and let me know what you think!

After all, it truly is about you.


  1. 2-16-2011

    Nice! Though I agree you could naturally fit into other categories. AND “a real woman’s advice” for sure!

    • 2-16-2011

      Thanks Wendy!

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