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After Wednesday’s post about inappropriate dress, I had to share this discovery: hot, comfortable jeans for women who want to mold their bods a bit.

I had the privilege of being included on the guest list for teh Getting Gorgeous event during last week’s BlogHer conference. (Thank you Vera Sweeney and Audrey McClelland!) And while there were a lot of stellar brands represented, one of the best were MiracleBody® Jeans; something that every woman who has had children or women whose bodies are changing due to menopause, hormones or middle age can appreciate.

These lovely jeans rely on a design to maximize the areas you want to and minimize the areas you don’t — namely the tummy area and the thighs.  And while I personally prefer lower cut jeans and am fortunate to have slimmer physique, I  have to admit that they do flatter the figure in ways I would have never thought possible. Hence, the hype about looking 10 lbs thinner instantly really isn’t hype at all. What’s more, these jeans are not just flattering; they are truly comfortable.

I donated my pair to a friend because I didn’t feel that I would wear them as much as they deserve to be worn. Yet, I would recommend them to any woman who is feeling a wee bit self-conscious about a figure that for whatever reason, simply isn’t pleasing to her any longer. Mind you, these jeans are not inexpensive. Yet, I am of the mindset that we all deserve to have at least one article of clothing in our closet that makes us feel like a million buckeroos. In my mind, these jeans have all that and more.

Miracle? Or just a really great product designed and produced with women in mind? You decide! In fact, the kind folks at Miracle Body are offering readers a discount through mid-September:

Enter Code “TakeTen” at checkout for 10% off all jeans, and FREE SHIPPING and FREE RETURNS for a limited time.
Offer valid on purchase from 8/15 to 9/15 only.

[Disclosure: Although I received a free pair of jeans at this event, I was not asked to write a blog post nor did I receive any money to do so. As mentioned, the jeans are no longer in my possession.]


  1. 8-13-2010

    i will vouch for the fact the EVERYONE who wore these looked fabulous.

  2. 8-13-2010

    oh, and that even though, i too, like lower jeans i am seriously considering squeezing this not so slim as it used to be bod into a pair. thanks liz

    • 8-13-2010

      Amy. Seriously, these are comfortable jeans. And as you saw on Wendy, they look phenom!

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