Going Green with Micro-Kitty

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Love this! Who knew that you could do the planet and your planet some good simultaneously?

When a certain unnamed friend turned me on to this (no pun intended), I knew that I had to share it with you dear readers. Micro-Kitty: The World’s First Solar Powered Vibrator. And it’s phtalate-free as well, meaning that it is not only environmentally friendly but health friendly as well. Eco-consciousness has a whole new meaning now!

So, do you need to play around in direct sunlight? Well, hell now because evidently, the Micro-Kitty can be charged by both natural and artificial light. What’s more, it holds power for two and a half hours in the dark. No need to compromise comfort or convenience.

When it comes to toys, I am a huge fan of the Swedish brand Lelo. And admittedly, I’ve not yet tried the Micro-Kitty although I’d be more than happy to give it a test drive if its manufacturers would care to send me one.

Who knew that going green could be sexy too?



  1. 8-9-2010

    They’re bringing sexy back…and back…and back…

    • 8-9-2010

      LOL Candace!

  2. 8-10-2010

    i wish our planet always stay green 🙂

    btw, i love that picture 🙂

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