Gimme an “O” – all in the name of research

Posted by on May 3, 2010 in sexual health | 0 comments

Seriously, I couldn’t make this up. It seems that scientists are studying the mechanisms in the brain that are activated when a woman is aroused during orgasm…in an MRI machine. Somehow, masterbating in a confined space with an endless drone in my head, while researchers look at my brain doesn’t sound very appealing. Nor does giving them a hands up after I’ve come. The goal? By understanding what happens to cause arousal, it might be possible to teach women who have difficulty climaxing to overcome their challenges.

Now mind you, scientists have been studying orgasm through MRI for over a decade. And while I am all for research, especially for women who suffer from sexual dysfunction, well, some things are sacred.

Gimme an “O” sure. But in the privacy of my own domain with either a great vibrator or an amazing partner. Not in an MRI tube with a bunch of researchers literally waiting for the next wave.

How can anyone get turned on with this in their ear?

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