Not so hot? Actually…

Posted by on Apr 12, 2010 in hot flash | 2 comments

Have you heard of ‘Not so Hot?’ I may need to get my hands on one of these babies. Not So Hot is an aerodynamic ‘flash fan’ to cool those hot flashes in an instant. What I like about the design is that the fan is discrete and easy to carry in a purse or hand bag, whips out when you feel that flash coming on, and then folds away for the next one.

Obviously, the goal is to not have those flashes, but if you’re gonna have them, why not be prepared? Heck, the Not So Hot fans definitely appeal to me more than the Cleavage Coolers, which you may recall, remind me of rubber chickens for the menopausal set.

Have you tried ‘Not so Hot?’ What do you think?

[Disclosure – I have recently become a fan of ‘Not so Hot’ on Facebook. But I have not been approached nor paid to write about the product.]


  1. 4-12-2010

    Yes, i recall those cleavage coolers. And no I never tried them. I am still laughing at the rubber chicken comment.

    But this I have tried and honestly it is a simply solution and a great conversation starter. Beats using the menu or whatever else is on hand.

    • 4-12-2010

      Amy – that’s great to know. I do love the “conversation starter,” aspect. No embarassment?

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