Wednesday Bubble: new year, new you!

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I’m not going to burst any bubbles or shatter any misconceptions this week. Rather, I’ve decided to serve a few slices of inspiration that resonate with me and perhaps will do so with you as well.

Tomorrow, I turn 48; my mother turns 78. Yes, I was born on my mother’s birthday. So I would like to dedicate this post to my mom. Because I find myself looking in the mirror a bit too much lately.

The past year has resonated with me deeply. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve enjoyed my 40s immensely and I will still have an opportunity to enjoy them for another two years. But a lot has happened over the past 364 days and it’s made me realize that my baggage is getting a bit too heavy for comfort. So I’d like to take this year to dump a few mistakes, undo a few regrets, renverser les faux pas and start anew.

As my friend Sissy once said: ” new year; new you!”

Following are the top 20 tidbits that midlife has taught me so far:

1. Try to make a point to laugh each day. And then laugh some more.

2. Take some time every day to simply “be.”

3. Listen. And then react. Not the other way around.

4. Do one kind thing for someone you know, and someone you don’t at least a few times a week, if not everyday.

5. Nobody’s perfect. Including you.

6. Let those who love you, love you. Just because.

7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. And take it.

8. Underneath the grease paint there’s someone special. Take the time to get to know them.

9. Don’t just say “I love you;” show why.

10. Be vulnerable; it’s okay.

11. Try not to internalize things so much; it’s not always about you.

12. Don’t be afraid to fail or better yet, succeed.

13. Believe in yourself as much as you believe in the people you love and nourish.

14. Just because someone says something hurtful, it doesn’t mean that you have to believe them.

15. Sometimes things are gray, not black and white.

16. Relationships will ebb and flow. Being in sync is great. Being out of sync is a perfect time for self-discovery and reality checks.

17. Strength comes in many forms.

18. You’re only as old as you feel. And sometimes you will feel older or younger depending on your mood, hormone levels, day of the week or weather.

19. Good lighting and a well-placed mirror can do wonders for your soul.

20. Chocolate, red wine and candy are your friends. In moderation. And sometimes, in excess.

And one to grow on, of course…

48? The new 30, easily.

Happy Birthday Mom! Happyto be 48 and “middle-aged” me!


  1. 5-20-2009

    Happy birthday in advance — many happy returns of the day!

    • 5-20-2009

      Thanks Tim!

  2. 5-20-2009

    Great post, Liz. Love the tidbits. I hope your birthday and the coming year are wonderful and full of #1 and #6!


    • 5-20-2009

      Wise advice from a wise woman. You inspire me regularly.

  3. 5-20-2009

    Taken to heart. Happy Birthday!

  4. 5-20-2009

    HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to you…and many thanks for your “pearls”!

  5. 5-20-2009

    Cheers, Sister!!! Awesome post! Happy B-Day-pure inspiration!

    • 5-20-2009

      You inspire regularly Rosy! Thanks!

  6. 5-20-2009

    Just recently found your blog. Happy Birthday! How nice to share the day with your mom.

    • 5-20-2009

      Glad you found Flashfree Maureen! And thanks for the good wishes!

  7. 5-20-2009

    hope this birthday is one of the best ever. I take from your message you are off to a great start. Fifties not so bad and certainly much better than going through the teenage years… Hope that helps a little. Happy Birthday love.

  8. 5-21-2009

    New Year, New You indeed! Happy Birthday. Hope it’s your best year ever. Thanks for a great post. Love, Sissy

  9. 5-29-2009

    Just read this post, as I’ve not checked in for a while, so a Happy Belated Birthday Liz! I enjoy reading your blog for the laughs and the learning! I too had a birthday recently (on the 24th) and I also just found out at a team building session at work that one of my co-workers and I share the same birthday! So many people with birthdays in May. Have a great year! Emily

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