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Researchers now say vasomotor symptoms, such as hot flashes, night sweats and sleep disturbances, can last more than five years after menopause ends.

Clearly, this has a lot of implications of how we approach therapeutic interventions for hot flashes and other symptoms, as well as for planning ahead.

In this study, which is published on the advanced online edition of the journal Menopause, data were colllected from 438 menstruating women (ages 45-69 years) and then analyzed over a period of 13 years.

The findings showed that the mean duration of hot flashes over the study period was 5.5 years, regardless of whether or not women had ever used hormone replacement therapy. What’s more, study participants started experiencing hot flashes around age 53, and roughly a quarter of them continued to report having symptoms after the 13 year endpoint.

Importantly, the one factor that was associated with a shorter duration of hot flashes was exercise, with more exercise/physical activity associated with shorter symptom duration.

I’ve posted previously about the benefits of exercise and physical activity, which range from positive effects on bone health, sleep and mood to heart health and of course, overall symptoms. This study suggests an even more important reason to keep moving: slowing and perhaps eliminating menopausal symptoms sooner rather than later.

Move your bodies ladies – the evidence is in and it says it’s safe to step back in, one foot at a time.

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  1. 2-15-2009

    I’d comment but I’d better get off the gym! Wow – anything I can do to shorten that seems well worth it.


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