News Flash! Menopause – the new glass ceiling

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News out of  Nebraska today….

Evidently a woman is suing the Union Pacific Railroad for discrimination. The reason: menopause.

56 year old Porfiria Alonzo claims that she was laid off by the railroadbecause the organization perceived “that she was having health problems due to menopause.” Sources say that she was seen crying and upset on several occasions. And despite having attended mental health evaluation (where nothing was found that indicated that she would benefit from counseling), and at the Railroad’s insistence, a second round of evaluations (where once again, nothing was found), she was still barred from returning to work.

No trial date has been set as of yet.

What do you think about this? Is menopause the new glass ceiling?


  1. 1-9-2009

    I think it’s appalling and hope she wins and gets her job back–it’s the same as age discrimination!!
    I’ve had many, at my job, worry that when they have memory lapses that affect their job, think they’re going to lose their job because of it. It hasn’t happened–yet–but who knows what a company will resort to these days to bring in the ‘young’!

  2. 1-12-2009

    Only in retrospect can I say I was discriminated against at work due to symptoms of menopause. Oh, ladies, this is a new chick fight. It’s totally a glass ceiling that deserves to be broken.

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