Carrying the Torch – Spanx A Lot L’eggs!

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Who says that this blog has to be serious all the time?!

The other morning, Fighting Mad Mary posted a video featuring her friend GloZell (star of the You Tube series, ‘Ghetto Gossip’), trying to squeeze her frame into a pair of spanx capri. For those of you who are unfamiliar with spanx, it was clearly invented by a man because no sane woman would ever do that to another female.

Fellow blogger Gnightgirl, followed by blogger, friend, and sister-in-law Blanche, picked up the video yesterday. She is followed by BBFF Amy, and the challenge is on.

Sisters – who is going to carry the torch next? We all need to laugh as much as we need to cry. In this particular case, you may do both as you watch GloZell attempt to deal with the challenge at hand.

Spanx a lot L’eggs.

This one’s for you GloZell (and Mary and Lori and Wendy and Amy)!

Happy Friday!



  1. 8-29-2008

    This makes me laugh the 5th time through it! Thanks for spreading the joy!

  2. 8-29-2008

    haha. we were surely separated at birth!

  3. 8-30-2008

    Brava! 🙂

  4. 8-30-2008

    The things we go through for the sake of beauty! Thanks Liz, I really needed that! I will never look at Spanx the same again!

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