Hot hot hot!

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Yes, it’s been too darn hot in Maryland and DC of late. But looks like things are really starting to heat up for women in menopause who suffer hot flashes.

Researchers say that vasomotor symptoms like hot flashes tend to last for at least four years after a woman’s final menstrual period. FOUR YEARS!

Evidently, a review of 10 studies evaluating over 35,000 women shows that overall, symptoms increase in the two years before menopause, peak approximately one year after the final period, and then return to normal levels in about either years after the final menstrual period. However, at least half of the women who participated in these studies reported a peak in symptoms around four years after their final period.

Life Quality Technologies’ new device to address this problem can’t come soon enough. Curious what I’m talking about? Check out this previous post.

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