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Seems that moderate alcohol consumption helps overall well-being among perimenopausal women!

Recent study findings show that women undergoing the menopause ‘transition’ who consume alcohol at moderate levels (~ one drink daily), don’t smoke and exercise feel better than those who don’t drink. What;s more, another study suggests that older (i.e., 70 to 75 years of age) women who do not drink have a greater risk of death and poorer health-related quality of life than women who consumed one or two drinks a day.

Back in March of this year, I also reported that researchers had found a link between moderate alcohol intake in middle age and a decreased risk of heart disease, even among individuals who never drank before this time.

That’s part one of this story. Strangely enough, having risk factors for heart disease increases the likelihood for an earlier menopause. These data in particular, compiled from the landmark Framingham Heart Study and reported by the American Heart Association, actually go against common beliefs that a depletion in hormones causes an increased risk for heart disease in women after menopause.

Granted, one study does unequivocally prove something. But what is apparently clear from these three trials is that one or two drinks a day, especially red wine, may prove to help women decrease their risk for heart disease and also, provide a counterbalance for symptoms that cause moods to run amuk.

Sounds like good news to me. Cheers!

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