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Cougar Life

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Oprah’s talked about it. There’s a National Convention and Dance. Hell, there’s even the Real Cougar Woman, a website dedicated to providing cougars everywhere, with a forum to talk taboo and be real all the way, just like “Kim Catrell, Katie Couric, Demi Moore, Hillary Clinton and Susan Sarandon.” And now, there’s even a new dating site to help you do it….

Billed as “The Ultimate Catch,” Cougar Life, a new online dating site matches ‘Cougars to ‘Cubs.’ Already raising controversy, Cougar Life was recently banned from advertising on ABC’s “Cougar Town.” Say what?!

In any case, ladies, this is the site if you want to snag a cub.

What’s a “cub” you ask? According to the site:

“To snare a true Cougar a man [AKA Cub]  needs to be youthful, fit, unintimidated and of course sexually driven! These men can range from athletes to intellectuals, and from technologists to entrepreneurs and all points in between; they can come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing they have in common is the desire to possess a sexually charged older woman.”

The desire to possess a sexually charged older woman.

A male friend once told me that there was a belief among younger men that women in their 40s and 50s were insatiable.


So, what’s your criteria ladies?  Are you feeling crazed, insatiable, desirous for that sweet young cub? Are you ready to live large on ‘Cougar Life?’ Are you ready to have those cubs feeding out of your hand?

Admittedly, I admire their marketing savvy; someone had to fill this niche and good for them for taking the lead.

Me? I think I’ll skip this game of Life.

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Cougar 101: pimp your hide

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British Cougars-thumb-500x334

[Photo Credit: Daniel C. Britt, with permission]

Need a class on how to be a better ‘Cougar?’ Want to learn how to teach young men about desire and how to please a woman? It’s as simple as…the Single Cougars Convention!

The Bay Area hosted the First Annual Single Cougars Convention last month, an extravaganza of botoxed, boob-jobbed, eyebrow-shaped 40+ somethings (and their younger ‘Puma’ peers) who attended presentations, mingled at a bass-booming cougar ball and celebrated the crowning of the first Miss Cougar America.

Yikes! Horny or not, if I were a young male thang, I’d go running for cover… fast.

This Convention and all that it represents absolutely makes me ill. There is no logical reason why the Cougar narrative needs to be rubberstamped; in fact, endorsing the image of an older woman so desperate to attract attention that she virtually “pimps her hide” only serves to perpetuate the Cougar myth.

These ladies may be in it for a good time and believe that they have every right to behave in this fashion. They do; it’s a free country. But think about it; as women, we are consistently complaining about how we are portrayed in the media and within society, especially as we age. If this is the case, why are we spending thousands of dollars to literally sculpt ourselves into charactertures of our better selves?

Want to attract a partner? Be real, be interesting and be interested. Have self-respect and feel good about yourself. Take care of yourself and your soul.

At any and every age, that’s more attractive than inches of foundation, a lip plumper and a few nips and tucks.

And, if you’ve got to flaunt ‘it,” well, then you probably don’t have ‘it.” You may get laid but that young stud is out for one thing and it ain’t respecting you.

Truly… before you start pimping your hides, take a long look in the mirror and an even deeper look into your souls. There’s nothing wrong with dating a younger man (or woman); just keep the predator at bay where she belongs.

[Want to see more Convention Cougars? Check out photog Daniel C. Britt’s photo and video streams on Flickr.]

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Are you rubberstamping the ‘cougar’ narrative?

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I’ve been somewhat amused and a wee bit miffed at the double standards placed upon women who “prey” on younger men. While their sugar daddy counterparts get away with endless forays into the dating world without nary a word, these women are dubbed “cougars” and frowned upon. However, have you ever considered that these younger men don’t feel preyed upon at all but prefer the company of a well-rounded, intelligent, sexy woman who can titillate their minds, souls AND bodies?

Perhaps the cougar ‘narrative’ and its fallacies should be put to rest.

If you have even a wee bit of doubt about what I’m saying, I’d like to introduce you to 73-year-old Rio de Janero resident Lina Merceis. Lina is the star of a documentary short entitled “Bye Bye, Cest Fini,” and the ultimate inspiration for any woman who believes that life ends at midlife and beyond. Lina, having suffered early disappointments in marriage and love, is now dedicating herself to herself. Lina deliberately chooses the single life, claiming that men are too much work. ‘Seductress to a slew of 30 somethings,  she enjoys her lovers, acknowledges her occasional loneliness, and confesses to a good friend (as they sit on the beach eying the candy) that sex and fun are her life prescriptions not options. Not surprisingly, the young men who are fortunate to become one of Lina’s lovers are happy to oblige.

My friend Twitter friend Erika over at Redheaded Fury wrote an interesting missive last week in response to a Denver Post article about ‘Cougars on the Prowl.’ Her point? That society’s caricature of the lonely older woman preying on younger men might not be entirely accurate. I think that Lina is a testament to that. More importantly, watching Lina onscreen taught me that  life gets started when you decide, not when something (or someone) else does.

Take the reins ladies; there’s no time like the present to write your own narrative (and be proud of it).

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