Wednesday Bubble: Time for some scuba gear!

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I am on holiday through Labor Day so today, I leave you with a link to the archives; the topic is night sweats!

Hopefully, you’ll find some gems and your partner can lose his scuba gear!


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Friday Folly: If it’s not one thing…

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You’ve all heard the adage, if it’s not one thing, it’s your mother, right?

Despite the cartoon, this week I am paying tribute to a beautiful mother who lost her gorgeous son last weekend. Through this tragedy, may we find laughter, love, peace and a whole lot of WOW. And mothers? I’ve turned into mine a bit as the years have passed. Even the not so good bits can be wonderful if you think about what mothers are and what they do.

Have a good Friday. And if your mother is still with you, reach out and tell her thank you.


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Sisters, friends…keeping the communication channels open

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When life piles, who do you turn to? Your sister? Your friends? The internet?

Without them I would be lost.

When I first started penning this blog, I ran across a small study. While many in scientific circles would refer to it as a pilot study, with findings that are inconsequential because of the small numbers, I am here to declare loudly and broadly that small and anecdotal sometime rule the day!

What type of resources do you rely on? And where do you turn for information or support?  And, who should you turn to when available information is seemingly overwhelming and inconsistent, and medical expertise is unavailable?A friend recently commented that the type of resources available to women living in rural areas are very different than those available to women living in urban areas. Hence, the ability to access knowledgeable practitioners or even find trusted sources of information really depends on where you live.

This has been borne out by results of a study conducted among 25 menopausal women living in rural areas of Nova Scotia. Participants described a need to understand the intensity of their symptoms but often found it difficult to sift through “excessive and conflicting” information on the web. This was further compounded by the lack of trusting relationships with healthcare providers due to their scarcity and also, the fact that local facilities failed to retain good people.

The researchers explain that women who participated in this study drew heavily on shared experiences and the ability to communicate freely and openly with women who were going through similar things. More often than not, they continuously sought validation from their peers to avoid feeling confused and alone. And found that a great way to deal menopause was through humour.

Whether a woman resides in rural Nova Scotia or New York City, a sense of community, mixed with open communication and a little bit of humour, can go a long way. She who laughs with others…lasts.

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Wednesday Bubble: Got a fix for that?

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No bursting going on this week! Need a quick fix? Somehow, Jiffy Lube might not be the wisest choice.


See you Friday. With some big news!

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Friday Folly: Mind-Body Medicine

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Personally, I am a huge fan of mind-body medicine.


Have a beautiful weekend!



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What’s fueling your fire in the morning?

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Let me guess: SEXCEREAL?!!

This ‘Big Functional Food’ would have slipped by with nary a thought had my friend David Svet not brought it to my attention. But he did and hence, I had to share it with you. After all, it’s Friday and time for some folly.

So, let’s talk about SEXCEREAL, shall we?

This product is not only “the first food product to go viral” (really? What about Life or Tang, which was viral for their time?), but, it is also a ‘gender-based cereal…created with sexual health in mind.’ Wow! It’s downright bodacious and bodylicious!!!

What’s in this amazing, nutritionally-formulated, quality-controlled bowl of desire?

  • Maca
  • Cocoa nibs
  • Sunflower
  • Chia seeds
  • Almonds
  • Flax seeds
  • Oat bran
  • Ginger
  • Oats

Among all of these ingredients, only maca and cocoa have been scientifically studied for their effects on sexual desire. I’ve written previously about maca and the evidence, at least from scientific trials, is pretty scant. Chocolate, on the other hand, has long been considered an aphrodisiac. Yet, when it was studied in women specifically for its effects on scientific desire and pleasure, the data are not so clear; some women have self reported higher levels of desire after eating chocolate but when the data are scrutinized, these results don’t hold. The rest of the ingredients? Honestly, I am lost.

If cereal is your morning bag, you could eat worse; each serving of SEXCEREAL does dose up a nice bit of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. It’s low in sodium too. But if you are looking for fire, you may want to look elsewhere. And if you are into eating your sex and having it too? Well, there are certainly much better solutions!

p.s. If you want a chuckle, check out the testimonials.… SEXCEREAL –  “I love a cereal that goes all the way.” Bob from Saskatchewan

Happy Weekend!



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