Who put the ‘men’ in menopause? Part deux.

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Bob LeDrew, that’s who!

There’s some changes going on and it’s not of the menopausal kind. Starting next week, in fact, my friend and sometimes partner in Words with Friends is joining FlashFree with his new monthly column: Guyside.

Yup, Bob’s going to bring a bit more y into our x’s, testosterone into the estrogen and hopefully, bridge some of the communication gaps that pervade this thing we call midlife.

The few glimpses that I’ve been afforded not only excite the hell out of me but, I know that this new twist is going to shake up this space in ways that I could only dream of previously.

Stay tuned. Menopause has got a ‘brand new bag’ (sorry, my friend!) and his name is Bob!

p.s. If you didn’t catch his guest post last month, Falling into the trips of masculine invulnerability, you are missing out. Check it now!

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  1. 7-12-2013

    Hey Bob, welcome aboard the menopause train. Loved your last, insightful guest post and look forward to more.

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