The Stash: guest post by Wendy Scherer

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What’s in your ‘just in case’ stash? For many of us, one particular stash is no longer needed. Or is it?! Wendy Scherer weighs in on her stash dilemma: the unneeded tampon.




I’ve always kept a stash of tampons in the guest bathroom and in the master bathroom. Just in case. And, on occasion, it’s been pretty handy for our guests, too. I even bought a really cool old box when we moved into our home 3 years ago – specifically for extra toilet paper and tampons. Love the box.

It occurred to me today that maybe there’s a shelf life for tampons. While this may definitely fall into <em>too much information</em> category, I haven’t needed one since a couple months after we moved here. And clearly, no one in my family (3 sons and a husband) needs any. And frankly, I don’t think we’ve had any guests who have partaken of the bounty, either.

And so, they sit there in the box. Unneeded.

I hate to just throw them away. I know silly, right? But I harken back to memories of needing one desperately and can’t help but feel they should stay. Just in case.


About Wendy Scherer

Wendy Scherer is a wife, a mom, a friend, a social media researcher and marketing strategist. When faced with adversity, she bakes. She’s an eternal optimist. And she’s pretty darn friendly. You can reach her on Twitter at @wendyscherer and or check out her other online obsessions here.


  1. 5-24-2013

    Oh, no. You always need them for the odd guest. Even some of us old ladies who SHOULD be done!

    • 5-24-2013

      @mamieduff I do have odd guests. (ba da boom)…. no, seriously, I agree. That’s why they’re still there… it just feels strange sometimes!

  2. 5-28-2013

    When I was cleaning out my grandma’s house, in her bathroom pantry there was a box of Rely tampons. Besides them being older than old, they should have come with a “Use at your own risk” label. Considering my grandma is almost 93, chance of her ever having had to use them is quite slim. But, like you, I’m sure they were the “just in case” stash.

    • 5-28-2013

      @saving4someday LOL! Thanks for sharing…wow, did you open one? I’ve never even heard of Rely!

      • 5-28-2013

        @wendyscherer I didn’t open one, just trashed them. Rely was a brand from the 1980s that was the first major commercial link to Toxic Shock Syndrome in tampons. But it shows that these things can pretty much last forever. I’m sure years from now you’ll open up a purse and find a few. I think we all put them in every bag we own, around the house, or in the car.

        • 5-28-2013

          @saving4someday  @wendyscherer Damn! I wish I got to you first. I LOVED those tampons, was so sad when they went away. If you managed not to forget them, and took them out every few hours like a normal person, they were painless and absorbent and fabulous. It was only because they were so comfortable that people left them in for days and ended up sick. *sigh*

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