Wednesday Bubble: Reinventing Women Open Call

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New Announcement

Did you catch Monday’s post about Hessie Jones and the path she’s taking to reinvention? If not, you don’t want to miss it!

I’m introducing a new series on Flashfree — Reinventing Women — and I want to talk to you! I want to hear about the career changes you’ve made in midlife, the ‘why,’ ‘what,’ and ‘how’ as well as any other nugget of wisdom that you might impart to others considering a similar reawakening.

Consider this Wednesday Bubble yours’ to burst; this is an open call.

If you are a woman, age 44 or older and want to share your story of your work transition (or transitions), drop me an email at Tell me a little about you, your age and what you used to do (and what you are doing now). I am hoping to find at least 10 more women willing to share their stories, their triumphs, their failures and their lessons.

Reinventing Women. It’s a new movement and it’s all about you!




  1. 1-9-2013

    Liz Scherer I think this is a series that will be fun to watch develop. So many women are sitting up in mid-life, looking around and realizing they have a lot of life ahead of them of they ability to reconfigure their lives and try new directions–personally and professionally. It’s an exciting time.
    My mother, at 76, has just retired from 30 years as a counselor and is now taking some time to consider the next chapter of her life. She isn’t what she wants to do, but fully intends to do something in addition to reading and gardening and visiting friends and family. I’m waiting to see what she direction she chooses with great interest.

    • 1-10-2013

      @allenmireles  Liz Scherer I’ve spoken to so many of my peers who, ONLY NOW, are starting to realize that they have so much to offer. They’re talented, strong, and have moved to positions where they’re clearly recognized. They also are leading and testing new products and methods. I seriously believe that this is a great time to do something cool and exciting — like you said Allen, professionally and personally. Nothing’s stopping us!

      • 1-10-2013

        @allenmireles  Liz Scherer btw, I got the threaded thing right this time:)


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