Forecast: there’s a Coldfront moving through

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“Cold front” you say? But it’s Spring in the Northeast and temps have been pretty warm.

Nope, not Cold Front, but Coldfront®, a new personal cooling system designed to cool flashes when they hit.

Coldfront is not unlike Cleavage Coolers, the revolutionary product that fits right into your bra like rubber chickens. However, these nifty little Coldfront packs fit into a container the size of a sunglass case, are the size of your palm and reportedly soft to the touch and stay cold all day because of a built-in cooling core. When those hot flashes hit, just pull one of these babies out and palm those sweats right out of your life. No drugs and a reusable cloth that wicks moisture away. The company describes Coldfront as “safe, effective, discreet, convenient, mess free, environmentally friendly” and best of all: “elegant.”

I’m not entirely sure about the last adjective and hardly believe that the carrying case would easily double as a purse on a night out on the town. Still, Coldfront is not the first product based on cold technology to address the body’s sudden inability to regulate its internal thermometer. And yet, at a pricepoint of $50, it seems like a reasonable investment compared to other HRT alternatives that require a bit more of a time and financial commitment.

I have not seen the product nor do I know anyone who’s used it. Personally, I am a bit skeptical but it’s my job to be. And, I never truly believe testimonials on a website; what company publishes negative feedback? What’s more, the product, like cleavage coolers, the bedfan, the chillow, chillipads and gelmats, all rely on a woman who wants some ice, ice, baby! I dunno, but I run hot/cold on this whole approach.

Have you heard of Coldfront? Have you personally used the product? Inquiring minds need to know!


  1. 4-24-2012

    Hi, Liz.

    Thanks so much for taking a virtual look at coldfront! As one who’s “been there, done that” as far as hot flash relief products are concerned, I appreciate your skepticism. As a matter of fact, it was the impetus (along with a ton of frustration after discounting and trying so many products myself) for my founding Personally Cool and inventing coldfront.

    When women experience coldfront first hand, they come to fully understand and appreciate the thought and detail that has gone into our product. I’d be delighted to send you coldfront so you can get a better feel for it yourself. After using it, you might find what others have found – that coldfront is so much more than physical relief from hot flashes, it provides emotional and social (our society can be so brutal when it comes to women our age!) relief, as well.

    I’ll look forward to hearing from you –


    • 4-24-2012

      Susie. Thanks for stopping by. I am not quite sure how you make the jump from hot flash relief to emotional and social relief but I appreciate your comments. Wishing you and your company all the best!


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