Wednesday Bubble: Menopause in the City?

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Mr. Big has just left Carrie, who’s gained 50 lbs, for another woman. Charlotte is quickly pursuing her post-menopause dreams. And Miranda has finally come out and destroyed her family.

Yes, it’s menopause in the city.

But, it’s not the only tragedy in the ‘City that Never Sleeps.’ In fact, there’s a new book in town: Menopause in Manhattan. And while I’ve not yet gotten my hot flash hands on the pages, and am all for self-realization regardless of age, I’m not sure what to make of the title. Or why menopause in Manhattan is any different than menopause in any other metropolitan or non-metropolitan city.

Billed as a novel that “will challenge women over a certain age to continue to pursue their dreams,’ Menopause in Manhattan promises to meld the worlds of New York publishing, interior design, fashion and food and I assume, flashes into a story of the trials and tribulations of a woman trying to put her life together after it falls apart.

So, if I am to understand this correctly, menopause (and turning 50) marks the time when our lives start to fall apart, when we stop pursuing our dreams and goals, when we stop living? In other words, the cessation of reproduction is, for all intents and purpose, a woman’s rapture. And if she fails to realize the dangers, she may fall into fires of hell rather than rise to the heavens of the occasion?

Hmmm. Seems like only a few weeks ago, I was shouting to the universe that I wasn’t dead yet.¬†And having just marked that turning point in style, I have to say that I still pretty much feel the same. Nothing much has changed, except a number. My dreams, goals and drive remain the same. And despite a few life challenges, I don’t believe that either transition I’m undergoing is going to result in less me, only more me.

Bubble-worthy??? You betcha!

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  1. 5-25-2011

    I never much related to Carrie and her pals’ shallow meanderings so I’m pretty sure I won’t relate to Menopause in Manhattan. Why do all female’s stories have to center around fashion. Don’t we do serious work???

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