50. Ain’t dead yet.

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I was originally planning on writing a post about diet and exercise today. But a few things have transpired this week that pushed some deep buttons so I’ll save that post for Monday. Meanwhile? I have a wee bit of wisdom I’d like to impart:

50 ain’t dead yet.

Yup, I am well aware that 50 is past middle age for most people. And, if you are in your 20s or 30s or even early 40s, man, 50 is fucking old. Fifty is past its prime, ignorant of current developments in technology, politics, community, media, you name it. Fifty is mired in (dare I say it?!) the 1900’s; you know, the century before the Interwebz explosion, smart phones, tablets, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Instant Messaging, email…

Fifty is just, well, O.L.D.

Guess what?

Beliefs like these are incorrect. In fact, if you are under the age of 50, you’ve got a whole lotta living to do and you ain’t done hardly any of what you will do…yet. Yeah, really.  Hell, I’ve only done a small portion of what I intend to do before I leave this journey.

I turn 50 in less than a month. It’s been an interesting year, this 49th of mine. It’s been a wake-up call and I’ve approached it in ways that I’ve never approached anything…ever. I’ve gone from shock to defiance in less than a year. And I’ve finally embraced the following from every female friend of mine who’s turned 50 before me: you stop putting up with the shit. You don’t need to and you don’t want to and you don’t have to.

Fifty ain’t just a number; it is indeed past midlife. But if you think for one minute that anyone who is 50 or older is dead, think again. Because I’ve got a little secret:

Fifty is when you truly grow into yourself.

Since embarking on the Flashfree journey, I’ve written about the incredible disappearing woman. I’ve talked about appropriate dress for “women of a certain age” (which I continue to argue, is absolutely ridiculous). I have alluded to career opportunities being taken away as women grow older, especially in the film and entertainment industries. This topic is not new nor was my ire inspired by one individual, but actually, many. And so, do you wonder why women feel a wee bit angry when they receive the message — either indirectly or directly —  that they’ve crossed the finish line?

Naysayers? Ignoramuses? Men who think 50 is past their prime and only date women whose ideal is so mismatched with the ideal of themselves?  Take a look in the mirror; dare you! Especially you!

Guess what? I look in the mirror all the time. And while I don’t always like what I see on the outside, I do like what’s happening on the inside.  A lot. So…50? It’s not the next 30, or 40; it’s the the next 50. And it’s pretty fucking phenomenal. Fifty is beautiful in ways that can only be understood when you reach that milestone.  Just open your eyes and your hearts. ‘Cause you can’t take away my joy. Nuh uh. No way.

I ain’t dead. I’m just getting started.


  1. 4-22-2011

    You might enjoy the story from Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1861. James McIver was standing in the doorway of an old tenement, saying goodnight to his sweetheart, when the building collapsed. When rescuers were digging through the rubble, they heard his voice:

    Heave awa’, lads, I’m no deid yet!

    • 4-22-2011

      Thanks Dave! Love this!!!!

  2. 4-22-2011

    Wonderful post Liz and spot on. You [and I] aren’t dead, we’re just getting started. Somebody has a site and twitter name – Fab After 50 and as you’re learning, it’s an accurate statement. Cherry

    • 4-22-2011

      Thank you Cherry. If anything, your own posts have shown me that it only gets better from here. Thanks for the frequent inspiration!

  3. 4-22-2011

    I turn 50 in 166 days. And I’m not dead yet, either! I do believe “fifty is when you truly grow into yourself.”

    I already see it coming….

    • 4-22-2011

      Jubilee Sister! Bring it! xo

  4. 4-22-2011

    *love* So true. I just turned 51 and my life couldn’t be any better! Great job, missy!

    • 4-22-2011

      Thanks Shelster. If anything, you are the poster child for looking great and doing great at any age!

  5. 4-22-2011

    I’m with you, Liz, just warming up! A perfect spring post –

    • 4-22-2011

      And a perfect characterization Elaine. Cheers!

  6. 4-22-2011

    Right on, I’m raging against aging and at 52 haven’t felt better in my whole life!

    • 4-22-2011

      ‘Raging against aging!’ OMG – can I use that for a headline? I love it! And here’s to positive rage sister!

      • 4-22-2011

        I just started a new wordpress blog called “Rage against Age” but if you want to use for headline in your blog go ahead. Anything for the cause. I’m definitely adding a link to yours.

        • 4-22-2011

          Susan – I would never dream of using it for a post then. But do send me the URL.


      • 4-23-2011

        My site is at http://WWW.rageagainstage.wordpress.co
        it’s still a new born though

  7. 4-22-2011

    I had about an hour of freak-out at turning 39 next week. And this here has settled me right down. No fear for 40! And 50? Celebration!

    • 4-22-2011

      Turning 40 was the best yet! The 40s are a great time for women. And Happy early birthday!

  8. 4-22-2011

    I think you should like what you see on the outside when you look in the mirror, dear Lizzy. It matches the inside perfectly, IMO.

    PS – I cannot believe I’m reading blogs about menopause and aging and women’s issues. What the F&*@ has become of me? I must be getting old.

    • 4-22-2011

      I love it that you posted Jon. It speaks volumes about you. And the post could just as equally be applied to men as women. More importantly, thank you for being one of the good ones. You are a gem. xo

  9. 4-23-2011

    I love this post! 🙂
    Curious as to why our culture is so anti-aging… sure, my figure and skin aren’t what they were when I was 19 – but oh, the person on the inside is so much more fun to be!

    I think I just adore having you in my Internet reality – it’s always nice to have smart, fierce, amazing women around who are constantly refusing to get in the box that someone else has measured out for them.

    Fifty is still a ways off for me. It’s 45 this year – so I went out and bought the domain HalfPast40.com last week when I realized how much I absolutely *love* being this age!! I stopped putting up with shit a few years back… maybe I’m just a prodigy 😉

    Love to you my fierce at fifty friend!!

    • 4-23-2011

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Lucretia. This post is resonating with a lot of women, who like me, refuse to be boxed into the middle aged paradigm. We can’t run but we can certainly fight back. And I thrilled to have you in my internet reality as well.

      Happy 45. I recall that being a very good year! 😉

      Peace and love.

  10. 4-24-2011

    You are such an inspiration to me. You know it 🙂 xx

    • 4-24-2011

      And you to me. Love you tons my friend 🙂

  11. 4-24-2011

    I turn 37 in a couple of weeks. Honestly, I’ve been freaking out. It’s so great to have this reminder. “I ain’t dead, I’m just getting started.” Love it 😉

    • 4-24-2011

      Own it Stacey! The journey is just beginning… xo

  12. 4-24-2011

    I’ve seen so many women finally come into their own in their 40s and reach a level of confidence and strength that they didn’t know they had in them, that I imagine their 50s will be even better! Wonderfully inspirational post, thanks Liz.

    • 4-24-2011

      Thank you Andrea. I started out the year with trepidation and am ending it on a high note as the day comes closer. This year has been a tremendous wake up call in so many ways and truly, in many ways I feel more confident and powerful than ever.

  13. 4-25-2011

    Great post! Completely agree, we at WVFC are constantly inspired by you and other midlife women, and believe that this period of time is a time of reinvention!

    • 4-25-2011

      Thanks so much! Appreciate the vote of confidence!


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