The Top Ten Wednesday Bubbles of 2010

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Anyone who knows me knows that I really dislike ‘top ten’ lists. So, for the final Wednesday of 2010, I decided to ‘punk’ myself and go back through the year’s Bubble archives. Here are my favourites but hey, don’t take my word for it; 2010 provided a lot of menopause fodder and folly and I encourage you to select (and comment) on your favs.

Without further ado, I give you…The Top Ten Wednesday Bubbles of 2010

10.  This is your brain on midlfe. This one needs no explanation. Just fill in the blank lingering over your head.

9. The Mommy Factor? It’s Personal. Not everyone is suitable for parenthood, i.e. just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

8. Is Weight Loss All in Your Head? Brain enzymes and brown fat and research, oh my. How do we get here from there?

7. Bisphosphonates…Enough to Make Your Jaw Drop. Essential information about osteoporosis drugs that you can’t afford to miss. Enough to make your draw drop, literally.

6. Ask the Hard Questions. If there’s one overriding theme of Flashfree, this is it. Especially when it comes to hormone replacement therapy.

5. HRT & the Window Hypothesis. The mother of all inventions is the Window Hypothesis. Brought to you by big pharma…

4. Time to Debunk the Myths About Traditional Chinese Medicine. The title says it all. Isn’t it time we stop trying to unravel the mystery and just accept?

3. Playing Russian Roulette – Hormone Replacement & Ovarian Cancer. Still believe that HRT is safe? You might want to take a look at this link to ovarian cancer.

2. Good Girls & Inner Hags – A Journey to Self. Inside every woman lurks a dark goddess. Amy Palko asks if you are embracing her.

1. A Doc and a Diva Walk Up to the Rooftop. Okay, this isn’t a Bubble but it should have been. And it is, by far, my favourite post of the year just because it is so absurd. Move on over Red Hot Mamas! There’s a new world order in town and we’re taking back our menopause. One rooftop at a time.

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