NewsFlash! Unsightly cellulite? Shock it away!

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Every now and then I have to share some exciting news. And honestly? I don’t even know what to think about this one:

Got cellulite? There may be hope!  (Do you hear the angels singing?!!!)

As women, we are both blessed and burdened with extra padding around the thigh and buttocks area. These days, thanks for JLo, some women are even trying to pack some extra stuff in their booty, and when they can’t  they can even enhance their rear-ends with Booty Pop. But all kidding aside, while it might be great to have some extra junk in the trunk, the unsightly bumps due to numbers of large fat cells in fatty tissue can be downright difficult to overcome or get rid of, even with ample exercise, weight training and a proper diet. Indeed, aging in connective tissue can lead to an imbalance between the body’s ability to produce and breakdown fat, causing even more cellulite.

The news…German researchers are studying if shockwaves aimed at the thigh region plus intensive gluteal strength training can help solve the cellulite problem. Over 12 weeks, roughly 200,000 women under age 18 or over 65 are receiving:

  • Six sessions  of shockwave therapy (given every 1 to 2  weeks; 2000 focused impulses) plus twice daily gluteal exercises consisting of 15 quadruped hip extensions and 15 quaduped hip extensions with the leg straightened, or
  • Six sessions of sham shockwaves (given every 1 to 2 weeks) plus twice daily gluteal exercise as described above.

Cellulite is measured (or graded) on a scale of 0 to 3, ranging from no dimple when skin is pinched to skin alterations or dimpling both when women are standing and lying down. The results of this study, which are not available yet, will focus changes in skin elasticity based on this scale, self assessment on appearance of thighs and buttocks and on any changes in blood or oxygen flow in thighs.

Wow! I’m excited. Cellulite is a challenge, no matter how much exercise you do. This is one procedure I might get my arms (and legs and butt) around! Shock it baby! I’m in!


  1. 10-29-2010

    what? no creams?

    does sound cool and noninvasive. i, for one, would be more excited about opening a franchise center for this than actually getting the procedure. this one could be a gold mine.

    • 10-29-2010

      Retirement. The “No Need to Cry” Center?

  2. 11-3-2010

    This must be a joke, right? Women UNDER the age of 18 and OVER the age of 65? Seems that women under the age of 18 wouldn’t need to worry about this and, well, didn’t think women over the age of 65 would be prancing around in skimpy bikinis on the beach too much either.

    • 11-3-2010

      Actually, it’s a great design. Comparing older women to women who don’t have visible cellulite yet provides a great opportunity to see if the intervention works. In so far as prancing around… I know a lot of hot older women who take care of themselves. Aging is not a death sentence.

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