Got Zzzzz’s? And the winner is….

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Last week I posted about sleep and a new personal sleep coach that I’m trying out – Zeo. I offered to give away a bedside monitor in exchange for a blog comment about sleep, and a willingness to share your thoughts about Zeo on Flashfree in a month’s time. I only received a few comments but I did the old hat trick and pulled out one name:

Meryl K. Evans! Congratulations Meryl – send me your mailing address and I will ship the unit out to you this week.

As a special thank you to Peg and Heather, Zeo has graciously offered free shipping on all units ordered through October 31. Just use FREESHIP at checkout for ground orders.

I’ve got one more night of collecting baseline data and then I start the regular program. So far, I am fascinated and hopeful that it may identify specific factors that are screwing up my sleep. Stay tuned.

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    Sleep Well!

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