Futuristic Monday: hot AND cold creature comforts

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True confession: I love heated car seats. My last boyfriend won my heart with his heated car seats (okay, not really, but it helped!). For me, heated car seats represent the gold ring of driving comfort, especially when the weather is cold or damp and nasty. Consequently, I was intrigued by a call I received last week from a friend of mine who, like me, is contending with a few menopausal symptoms. The call was car seats for the menopausal set.

“Got a sec?” she asked. “I was just driving down to the road and started thinking about heated car seats. The biggest problem,” she explained,” is that they are only designed with one thing in mind: heat.” (Hence their name, but that’s besides the point.) “Why don’t they make car seats that can heat or cool, depending on the temperature (or temprament) of the passenger? ”

Hmmm, sort of like cleavage coolers but for your derriere. Got me thinking and looking around the interwebz. And what I discovered is that the future is now.  In fact, cooled seats are often part of optional packages in a variety of premium and luxury cars with leather upholstery. Experts recommend that you test drive them yourself, since some come with a ventilation system while others actually have separate cooling elements.

If all else fails, there’s always the ‘Amazing SummerSeat Self-Cooling Car Seat Cushion’ (can’t make this stuff up)!

Ladies, when those internal fires get burning, it’s okay to start your engines in comfort.

Be still my heart. I think I’ve just fallen in love again.

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  1. 10-11-2010

    Okay, I’ve said I didn’t want a new car for a long time – not worth having car payments – but I think I just changed my mind! I want cooling seats!

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