Keep Soaring

Posted by on May 21, 2010 in Inspiration | 4 comments

Yesterday, I made a comment on Twitter that I was going to be soaring with the birds today. This is a dream of mine that I’ve had for some time now. A dream that started after I realized that I probably would never learn to fly a propeller plane or jump out of one. A dream to savor the quiet of the wind much like I savor the quiet of the sea when I go sailing. So,  I decided that this year, I would make that dream happen.

When I mentioned that my lesson had been confirmed, a Twitter colleague “tweeted” back: keep soaring.

I can’t imagine a better way to start a new year or a new chapter with these words. Keep soaring.

I believe that too often, I, like many people, forget that small setbacks are what frame the larger picture, build character, increase knowledge and wisdom and ultimately fade away into the vapers until they are so small we wonder why they felt so big at the time.

This has been a challenging year with a few big and small dreams gone awry. But I guess that I don’t have much choice but to keep soaring. I hope that today allows me to let some of those disappointments fly into the wind and in the process, create a few new dreams.


  1. 5-21-2010

    Beautiful. And inspiring. Be present in every moment of the experience, even the butterflies beforehand. Be safe, my friend. Cannot wait to read your eloquent account of the experience.

  2. 6-10-2010

    Thanks for this one. Today, I needed it.

    • 6-10-2010

      Sure thing Manny. It’s a simple reminder of what matters…

  3. 2-11-2011

    Gracias por esas palabras. Hermosa manera de pensar. Entre tanta tontería, leer algo así desde tu alma y tu mente es algo, como ya te comentaron “inspirador”. Gracias nuevamente, y te felicito x tu filosofía (disculpame pero solo escribo en español). R.G.

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