Wednesday Bubble: Cool like dat

Posted by on Aug 26, 2009 in hot flash, nightsweats | 3 comments

Hey Ladies! Wondering how to rid yourself of those hot flashes forever? Just a drink of ‘GEM Keep it Cool’, and voila, your hot flashes will disappear! Heck, Marie Osmond swears by it.

Evidently, ‘Keep it Cool’ works on irritability and night sweats as well.

A glance at the nutrition panel shows that ‘Keep it Cool’ contains black cohosh as well as a proprietary blend of adaptogen herbs. ( Adaptogens are agents that theoretically, boost the body’s ability to fight off physical, chemical, or biological stressors by raising its resistance level.) GEM also makes drinks that relieve stress, boost mental acuity, promote bone strength and prevent aging.

If only it were that easy. Cool like dat….not!

One drink a day.

What do you think? This bubble’s bursting so wide that I can hardly stand it.


  1. 9-18-2009

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    A definite great read…:)


  2. 9-24-2009

    I have wasted plenty of $$$$$ on this crap too. Maybe it works for some women, but it didn’t make a drop of difference for me. I would not recommend it.

    • 9-24-2009

      So sad the way that we are taking advantage of. Tune in for Friday’s post – yet another example. Thanks for commenting.


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